china the first week

by lesadmin· September 08, 2012· in travel-twitter· 0 comments
  Hotel Kapok Hotel. We were able to check into a room at 7:30 am. Room was roomy with a king size bed and good ensuite. The hotel is very close to the forbidden city and close to a convenience store. Restaurant for breakfast expensive at CNY100 but good, both European and Chinese. However for lunch and dinner has strange food. Duck blood, bulfrog. Chose mushrooms with pork and pepper. But the pork was thinly sliced pork fat- no meat. This is a problem and will have to find another hotel restaurant for daily meals. The Forbidden city. The hotel is within 300m along Donghuanan st from the east gate of the forbidden city although one cannot enter from this gate. Must walk another 400m along the outer wall to the south gate. There is 20 person electric open bus from the east gate that will transport you to near the south gate for 1CNY per person each way. We took the bus on Sunday and visited the area around the south gate and Tianemen square. The area was totally packed with chinese tourist groups ranging from 5 to 100 persons led by a guide with a small flag on […]
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