Need to air cool Eye one pro when calibrating monitor.

lesadmin · June 26, 2012 · photography · 0 comments

After a year trying to get the images printed on an Epson 7900 to conform in a consistent manner to what I was seeing on my DELL 30″ LCD screen, I purchased a new NEC Spectra view 3090 monitor at 40% discount. It is a great monitor, but I still was not able to get a consistent monitor calibration, using the Spectraview 5.0 software and the Eye one pro. In fact the best contrast I obtained was 80:1 and this decreased with each further attempt at calibration. Then I noticed that the Eye one pro was slightly warm to the touch. Could the screen be warming the Eye one pro spectrophotometer? I bought a USB powered fan to cool the Eye one pro during the calibration and Walla! The contrast shot up to 400:1, and the monitor calibration became consistent. So it is necessary to air cool the Eye one pro spectrophotometer to get a decent monitor calibration.

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