humback whales bubble net feeding point adolphus alaska usa
Whales of Point Adolphus, Alaska Humpback Whales Feeding- An Observation. Three separate ocean currents converged just off-shore at Pt. Adolphus, forcing large schools of herring from the relative safety of deep water up to the surface, where they were corralled by Humpback whales. At the point of confluence, the fish concentration was so high that the water appeared to boil, and all the whales needed to do, was face upstream and let the current sweep the fish into their open mouths. A little further along the coast, where conditions were less severe for the fish schools, the humpback whales used a ring of air bubbles to corral the school into a tight fish ball, whereupon the whales would swim up the vertical column scooping all into their gaping mouths. What amazed me was how close to shore the humpbacks would bubble net feed. Sometimes within 10m of shore and right in front of houses and close to marinas. Killer Whales. I observed a number of Killer whale pods which patrolled the Icy Straits. At one place close to the shoreline  south of Hoonah, I witnessed a killer whale that appeared to be teaching its young how to breach. The pup would make an […]
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antelope canyon cathedral arizona usa

Antelope Canyon Arizona USA

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Antelope Canyon Arizona Upper Antelope Canyon As a photographer I have a sort of love-hate attitude towards Upper Antelope Canyon (known by the Navaho as Tse’ Bighanilini). At its best it is a spiritual and an amazing place, but when it is busy with jostling crowds, it can be a nightmare. . It is a relatively compact site consisting of a main cathedral like chamber below ground and narrow slot canyons that extend for about 100 metres. The main features are the sensual serpentine shaped walls of banded rock which glow deep red to yellow as the rays of the sun scatter through the narrow passages,and additionally in summer the searing shaft of sunlight which penetrates the main chamber during mid-day. The private gate to Antelope canyon is located just beyond the Navajo Generating Station on highway 98 some 6 km from Page, Arizona (see Antelope Canyon map Fig1). The landscape leading to the canyon is harsh and non-descript. Some observations for photographing Upper Antelope Canyon. ♦The track to Antelope canyon is gated and visitors must be accompanied by authorized guides. ♦The maximum time per photographer is 2 hours per day. ♦There are special photographic tours of 2 hours in the […]
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childs glacier calving copper rtiver alaska usa
The Calving of the Childs Glacier Alaska The calving of the Child’s glacier near Cordova Alaska can be a dramatic event, triggering a river tsunami and launching an air-borne wave. The car park and campground for the Child’s Glacier lies some 50 miles along the road from Cordova, 2 miles before the Million Dollar Bridge (see Child’s Glacier location map Fig1). Footpaths lead from the recreation area (see Child’s Glacier campsite map fig2) to the high gravel banks of the Copper River overlooking the 100m high, 4km long, terminus of the Child’s Glacier, located 300m away on the opposite bank. During the summer months there are frequent calving events. At this time of year  the Copper River is a shallow fast moving river, swollen from the melt water of the Miles and other glaciers upstream. The fast flowing stream undercuts the Child’s Glacier cantilevering the ice over the water and flushing debris away from previous calving sites.  So when a calving occurs, it can be a dramatic event producing both a Tsunami that can carry large boulders onto the opposite bank, and an airborne wave of water and ice fragments that can almost reach the centre of the river. Over […]
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grand prismatic spring yellowstone usa
Grand Prismatic Spring Yellowstone USA The aerial view of Grand Prismatic Spring is one of the world’s great spectacles. It is a 90m diameter natural hot spring situated 8.5km from Old Faithful geyser in Yellowstone Park, Wyoming, (see location map fig1), and is accessed by boardwalk from the car park. From the air it is an astonishing sight of vivid colours, deep blue in the centre where the water is very hot and sterile, changing through turquoise, green and yellow towards the cooler edge. Around the rim the pigmented bacteria form microbial mats that ooze over the landscape in intense colours of yellow and red. From the ground level on the boardwalk some colour can be seen, but the overall impact cannot be realised. A better view can be obtained by walking a kilometre along the Fairy Falls trail and then scrambling up the steep bank on your left to see the spring from an elevated position. However the true visual impact can only be obtained at a height over 400ft from a helicopter. Helicopter charter is out of Bozeman with a flying time each way of 25 minutes. See central copters bozeman . Some Observations. ♦Central Copters are experienced flying into […]
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tornado chasing USA

Tornado Chasing USA

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Tornado Chasing, (the Great Plains, USA). Tornado chasing on the Great Plains of America can be described as mind bending boring punctuated by short bursts of near panic and utter exhilaration. Preamble. . I have storm chased in the USA on four separate occasions, and now feel the need to go again. Each 10 day tour covered some 5,000 miles, and when the weather was balmy, it was mind-bending boring. But when the sky turned dark, and the monsters were unleashed, the environment transformed into one of the most dramatic and exhilarating visual experiences of a lifetime. One might think that after witnessing a tornado at close range and feeling the roar on one’s chest, that the experience would bring satisfaction and fulfillment. And it does, but not for long. For as soon as the excitement abates, and normal composure is restored, the urge to start storm chasing takes hold. Gone are the memories of frustration and boredom, replaced by the certainty that, with a little more perseverance and effort, the next tornado will be even better. Impressions of a guest storm chaser. . I was surprised(1) that a super cell capable of spawning tornadoes could form in bright sunshine under a clear blue sky. This frequently occurred along a dry line, where cold, dry air intersected warm, moist air, generating puffy white cumulus clouds. Weather conditions that I thought were perfect for a family […]
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bear at brooks falls catching salmon
The bears of Brooks Falls Alaska –
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