The World is an amazing place with many visually stunning destinations. But do you know where they are? This website highlights 58 must-do places (100 planned) and events to visit. It is a companion to my coffee table book titled The MUST-DO PLACES from POLE to POLE, about great places and events. The book provides the visual imagery and brief descriptions of how it feels to be there including my top photographs while the website provides the factual background and illustrated travel information. A list of the ~100 top places and events is provided on the page Must-Do Places, located on the menu bar.
General comments and corrections to the articles are welcome and can be included in the GENERAL COMMENT page on the menu bar.
There is also a travel blog that I write when travelling, it is not as polished as the page articles. These posts will be deleted once they have been transformed into pages. Upcoming this year, safari in Timbavati South Africa, Oxford UK, Paris again, Greek island cruise on a 6 star cruise ship and South Georgia Island for the 3rd time.
Not all pages have been written as this will take some time to complete.